Is Jesus God?

Did Jesus Claim to Be God? – The “I AM” Statements

It is often said that Jesus never claimed to be God. While it may be true that one cannot find a specific instance in which Jesus uses the exact words “I am God”, there are many statements made by Jesus that do reveal that He equated Himself with the God of the Old Testament. In fact, He often used certain names of God found in the Old Testament as names for Himself in order to reveal Himself as both the prophesied Messiah and the One True God. Just as the names of God in the Old Testament relate to His nature, so do the names that Jesus uses for Himself. One such name of this sort is “I AM”, which is found in both the Old and New Testaments. When simply reading through the Bible, it can be easy to miss the meaning and significance behind this name. Also easy to overlook are the instances in which Jesus used "I am" in a way that refers specifically, and only, to God. This is especially true given the fact that the full meaning of this name can quite literally be lost in translation due to grammar differences between the original languages and our own. In order to understand exactly what Jesus meant when He used this name for Himself, we must first understand its meaning and use by God in the Old Testament. Once we do this, we will then be able to apply this understanding to the New Testament and accurately determine Jesus' intent and purpose in His use of this name for Himself...

Is Jesus Christ Superstar the Greatest Story Ever Told?

Jesus Christ… Superstar? Why NBC Wants You to Think This Musical Is the “Greatest Story Ever Told”

On Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, NBC Network will present their live televised version of the famous Broadway show, Jesus Christ Superstar (from this point forward referred to simply as Superstar). But before you get too excited about seeing Jesus on TV, there are some things you should know about this mega-hit musical. They are calling it "The Greatest Story Ever Told", but this isn't the story you know from the Bible. When comparing Superstar to the New Testament writings, particularly the four Gospels, Christians who are not familiar with the musical may be surprised to find that there is a significant amount of not-so-subtle messages in Superstar...

Son of Man

Is Jesus God? (The Son of Man)

A common myth is that Jesus never believed He was God or claimed to be God. Scripture is quite clear, however, that this is not true. Lee Strobel suggests that there are at least 10 different facts presented within the Bible that point toward Jesus believing, claiming, and acting as if He is God.[1] These may … Continue reading Is Jesus God? (The Son of Man)

Is Jesus God and Man

Is Jesus Both God and Man? (The Hypostatic Union)

One of the most difficult concepts to understand is how Christ could be both man and God at the same time. This idea has sparked much debate and is often considered an illogical contradiction by many. Some have questioned whether Jesus was ever fully human or fully God, and others have concluded that He could … Continue reading Is Jesus Both God and Man? (The Hypostatic Union)